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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Santa Monica's Pico Murals: Walking Tour Map

Santa Monica's Pico Improvement Organization and Beautify Earth have shared this map of their walking tour of murals up and down the Santa Monica stretch of Pico. It will be a great way to see some street art as we make it close to the end of this year's Walk! Download this to your phone!

After the jump: A guide to the murals.

(12) Gateway to Pico Blvd Santa Monica (3325 Pico): Pause for a few moments to take in the intriguing mural by artist Gus Harper, titled "Identity Crisis". The colors of this mural are captivating and moving. See if you can find the conveniently positioned crown, perfect for royal selfies. Next door, you’ll find the very popular restaurant Upper West (3321 Pico), featuring locally-sourced food from the SM Farmer’s Market -also a great happy hour stop! 

(11) CrossFit Reflex (3328 Pico): Head here for a powerful workout, voted Most Loved SM Business on Pico. The mural by artist Risk showcases his signature rainbow inspired style. Grab an amazing cold brew or smoothie across the street at UnUrban Coffee House (3301 Pico), which will be adorned with a Beautify Earth mural soon.

(10) Infuse Wellness (3306 Pico): Make sure you stay up to par by stopping in here for a B-12 shot and notice how artist Caroline Geys' work greets you upon your entrance. Both will leave you feeling refreshed and smiling. 

(9) Players Club Golf (3211 Pico): View the foxy Life is Full of Wonderment mural by artists Noah Neighbor, Sel, Crade & Jesse. Check out inside too which has golf lessons, simulators and a fitness studio.

(8) Ameritech Signs (3015 Pico): You will be drawn to these horses working stronger together by artist Luca Zamoc. Perhaps they can take you for a ride down the block to Buckshot Gallery (3129 Pico) founded by Risk Rock (an artist with work at stop 11 on the tour). You will also encounter Valentino’s (3115 Pico), one of LA’s premier Italian restaurants with a renowned wine cellar.

(7) The Brixton (2827 Pico): I know you will love the ambience here and enjoy the food and music while you chat up the locals. Outside you will fall in love with the LOVE mural intricately illustrated in sign language by artist Allison Kunath. Don’t forget to try the sticky toffee pudding!

(6) The Pedicure Lounge (2815 Pico): Head here for pampering and to feast your eyes on the Candyland inspired creation by artist Brian Allen. The Pedicure Lounge offers manicures, pedicures, gel polish and waxing.

Goju Ryu Karate (2202 Pico): If you’re looking to put a little mojo in your dojo head to this karate studio, a Santa Monica staple since 1972 which offers lessons for Kids, Adults and Private Instruction. The Eye of the Tiger mural outside by artist Chris Saunders will have you feeling fierce and inspired. Fuel up on a cold pressed coffee and treats next door at Lo/Cal Coffee & Market (2214 Pico). If you would like to also support one of Pico’s newest businesses featuring local and emerging artists, swing by CHRIS + MARY (2204 Pico) to pick up gifts for self and loved ones!

(4) Pico Studio Partners (2114 Pico): The Create mural by artists Ruben Rojas and Sel Blanco has paper airplanes that will have you pondering your next creation and adventure. Take your inspiration across the street to daydream and play at Virginia Avenue Park – an award winning park designed by Santa Monica architects which includes the Pico Library, a children’s play area and public restrooms. There’s free Wi-Fi here, too! Home to Pico’s weekly SM Farmers Market, held every Saturday from 8am - 1pm. 

(3) Advantage Real Estate (1021 Pico): This realistic mural by Clinton Bopp will leave you wanting to take the Rotary Club’s surfboard for a swim off the gorgeous Santa Monica bluffs. Stop by here if you love Santa Monica and are interested in moving into the neighborhood. There is so much to explore and enjoy including fun local food options such as Rocco’s Cheesecake (1701 Pico), Hungry Pocket Falafel House (1715 Pico), and Greyblock Pizza (1811 Pico Blvd). There is also Santa Monica College (1900 Pico), home to over 30k students with a planetarium, small theatre and photography studio.

(2) Ed’s Liquor (825 Pico): A hummingbird guides the viewer around the corner to see artist Christina Angelina’s colorful mural inspired by Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte. The combination of the colors and birds is music to your eyes! Across the street is Sweet Rose Creamery (826 Pico) which features homemade ice cream with fresh local ingredients (and delicious pastries and coffee).

(1) Precision Sound & Service (823 Pico): Dubbed by locals as “The Falcon”, this is one of three murals by artist Marcel “Sel Dog” Blanco. Check out more of Sel’s work at and head into Precision Sound for all of your audio visual needs including car stereo installation.

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