The 18th edition of the Great Los Angeles Walk returns on Saturday, November 18, 2023! (Always the Saturday before Thanksgiving.) Details to come.
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Thursday, September 30, 2010


In 2006, to celebrate my tenth year in Los Angeles, I decided to walk the entire length of Wilshire Blvd. I spread the word via this blog, and many of you showed up to hike the 15.6 miles with me. I dubbed it "The Great Wilshire Walk."

In 2007, for an encore, the redubbed "Great Los Angeles Walk" marched down Pico Blvd. The crowd grew.

In 2008, we took on Santa Monica Blvd. (via Sunset). The crowd grew.

In 2009, we went a touch South and did a mix of Adams and Washington. The crowd grew.

As a matter of fact, the number of Great Los Angeles Walkers has grown so large that the majority weren't a part of that very first hike. I hear all the time from GLAW participants, "when are you going to do Wilshire again?"

For this year's walk, I considered Venice, I considered Olympic and I considered switching it up and not doing a downtown-to-the-ocean urban hike.

There's time for all of that in the years to come. But before we start changing the Great Los Angeles Walk, I decided that we oughta visit the thoroughfare where it all began for our fifth edition.

That's right: We're going BACK TO WILSHIRE.

And this time, we've got the support of the L.A. Conservancy, which plans to help us get the word out and is also putting together a new Wilshire guide to make this a chance to really see Los Angeles' main drag up close and personal.

As always, the GREAT LOS ANGELES WALK takes place the Saturday before Thanksgiving -- this year, that means SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 2010.

It's still nearly two months away, so we're still working how the details on *what time* the Walk will start and *where* that starting line will be.

But for now we're starting to track how many people are interested, so send an email to and let us know if you're coming! And keep checking for more info!

Right now, we're looking for:

-- Food trucks interested in setting up shop at our half way, lunchtime stop.

-- Santa Monica spots interested in setting aside some room for our after party.

Stay tuned for more details in the weeks to come... but for now, save the date, read "Wilshire Boulevard: Grand Concourse of Los Angeles" and start stretching! (And read about our original 2006 walk here.)

And here's a video one of the Wilshire Walkers took that day: