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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Final Take: The Great Los Angeles Walk 2008 on YouTube

Great Los Angeles Walker Dru writes:
Just wanted to say thanks. This was my first time doing the walk and I really enjoyed it. It was lots of fun. I can't wait to do it next year!

I put together a video of the walk that I would like to share with you... Unfortunately the camera battery started running low around mile 4... Next year I'll be better prepared. Hope you like it.

It's pretty cool to see people give their take on how they heard about the race -- and why they're doing it.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We'll see you next year -- as usual, the Saturday before Thanksgiving: Nov. 21, 2009.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

GREAT LOS ANGELES WALK 2008: 18.3 Miles Later, We Did It!

And you thought we were all crazy! We did it, we hiked 18.3 miles from Union Station to the ocean on a beautiful Southern California Saturday.

For the third annual Great Los Angeles Walk, I chose the longest course yet. And yet we attracted the biggest crowd yet too.

Approximately 150 of us (some say more, some say less, several of us settled at the 150 estimate) gathered early in the day (some had been up super early, parking in Santa Monica and then taking the bus out east) for the event. We started at Union Station at 9 in the morning, and after a quick detour through Olvera Street, made it on to Cesar Chavez Blvd. From there, Cesar Chavez quickly turned into Sunset, and we hiked on, through Echo Park, past Dodger Stadium and on to Silver Lake.

At Sunset Junction, we peeled off onto the start of Santa Monica Blvd. We continued, onward past the Hollywood Freeway (and the former Hollywood Star Lanes site, RIP), and into Hollywood. We scored some free water from the Jackson Hewitt tax prep company, walked past Hollywood Forever cemetery, and into West Hollywood. Groups broke for lunch at several Weho spots... and many of us reconvened right at the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills border at 2 p.m.

From there, we walked the dirt sidewalk of Bev Hills (apparently they're resurfacing the bike path) and made it to the intersection of Santa Monica and Wilshire (home to the first walk in 2006!). Several of us walked into the old Trader Vic's restaurant at the Beverly Hilton, where an auction was taking place -- the famed Pickford estate. Furniture, clothes, photos... some reasonably priced (including a menu from a 1930 William Randolph Hearst dinner!). Onward, we passed by Century City and the Mormon temple... and then under the 405, and soon, as we hit Santa Monica, we began to feel the cool ocean breeze.

Santa Monica is always a snap, as the numbered streets help count down to the finish line.

Here's the crazy part: Some walkers sprinted so fast, they got to the finish by 3:15 (I worry that they didn't get a real sense of the route, having sped by so fast!) The bulk of us, including me, got to the end between 5 and 5:30 -- still faster than last year, when we walked 2.5 miles less, yet got there at the same time. (We were pacing around 20 minutes a mile -- check out my Great LA Walk Twitter feed to see.)

A handful of walkers did it right: They got to the end at around 6:30, having taken their time to explore sites along the way. Whatever the pace, most made it to the Britannia Pub after all to toast their feat. And rest their feet.

I've uploaded a ton of photos at our Flickr group site: If you were on the walk, feel free to add your pics to the group as well!

And please send me the web addresses to your blog posts and photo collections, we'll post all the links here, for easy access.


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Now, some of my shots from this year's event:

Part of the crowd gathers in the Union Station courtyard

Signing in

I brief the crowd

Eric Lynxwiler opens with a pep talk

On our way

Leaving Union Station

Passing through Olvera Street

Crossing the 110

It's Dodger country

Guava for sale

Sounds good to me...

The friendly nun (photo by Anthony)

Super Barack!

Cool old neon sign

Andrea models one of the spiffy Great Los Angeles walk t-shirts -- still available at Cafe Press.

The Beautification Team has its work cut out for it


Jackson Hewitt tax folks pass out water

Ask for "Rico"


Will Campbell has a message for one of those LAPD spy cameras.

We were tempted, but ultimately decided a Formosa pit stop would steer us off course.

Required Great L.A. Walk wear (photo by Anthony)

Excited to be at the Beverly Hills border

Heading back out for the afternoon portion of the walk -- only 8 miles to go!

Beverly Hills City Hall (photo by Anthony)

R.I.P., Trader Vic's! (photo by Anthony)

Live webcast hosts monitor the Pickford auction at the old Trader Vic's. Sad to see the old bar, now empty!

Autographed Mary Pickford photo at the auction

Hey, yo, that's cheating! (Don't worry, he promises via the comments that he did, indeed, retrace his steps!)

Stereotypes 'R' Us

Scott fixes his feet

Historic Route 66

Walking to the finish line

One of the several groups to hit the finish line

Sunset at the end