The 16th edition of the Great Los Angeles Walk returns on Saturday, November 20! (Always the Saturday before Thanksgiving.) Details to come.
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Wednesday, November 17, 2021 Touts This Year's Great Los Angeles Walk


Thanks as always to Alysia Gray Painter for writing up the Great Los Angeles Walk for! She writes:

Each September, for the last several years, at least, a group of locals make the on-foot journey from San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo de Los Angeles, retracing the nine-mile route taken by Los Pobladores, the early settlers of the area, in 1781.

Of course, the route is available to anyone throughout the year, and not just on LA's birthday (which is Sept. 4, but then you know that, surely). To pay tribute to Los Pobladores, and to connect with the story of our city in a community-minded and contemplative way, the Great Los Angeles Walk aims to follow that route on Nov. 20.

Nov. 20, in 2021, is the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and if you're familiar with this free event, you know it always sets out, five days before the holiday, on a remarkable ramble.

Those remarkable rambles have long covered sizable swaths of the city, with past Great Los Angeles Walks inviting can-do adventurers to amble along Wilshire Boulevard, through Hollywood, and to the beach.

The 2021 path is a shorter one comparatively, and the walk should wrap up, for many people around noon or 1 o'clock at Olvera Street.

To continue the fun, though, the event's energetic founder, Michael Schneider, and other gambolers who are feeling game, will saunter further into downtown, with an exploratory stroll along Grand Avenue and Broadway, with stops to see Angels Flight and Grand Central Market.

You're free to keep on keepin' on beyond Olvera Street if you like, or you can wrap up your day there.

It's year 16 for this uplifting urban outing, a happening that not only helps people get to know other locals who are interested in our city's stories, shops, spots, and LA's vast everything-ness, but there's fresh air and exercise involved, too.

That's certainly a bonus, as we all amble up to the fourth Thursday in November, and the heaping helpings of stuffing and pie that may await.

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