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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Bee Taqueria Is Our Lunch Spot, and Join Us for the After-Party at Fat Sal's Venice — Special Deals at Both!

We've got an official lunch spot and afterparty spot for this year's Great Los Angeles Walk!

LUNCH: Bee Taqueria (5754 W Adams Blvd.) has signed on to be our official lunch spot. Chef Enrique Olvera will be preparing a taco deal for all Walk-ers who mention they're a part of The Great Los Angeles Walk. I've heard great things about Bee Taqueria and can't wait to try it (but if you're not in the mood for tacos, there are plenty of other options in the area too).

Here's how L.A. Taco describes Bee Taqueria:
While most self-proclaimed taco-eating experts will stop to tell you what a taco should be, this taco omakase is here to show you how radically chingón a taco can be.

Bee Taquería is a vibrant and colorful space with a taquería vibe serving brilliant culinary splendors on a tortilla. It is also home to one of only two famous taco omakase globally; the other is found at the restaurant Pujol in Mexico City, a restaurant by the gastronomical dignitary, Chef Enrique Olvera.

Through Bee’s taco omakase, chef Alex Carrasco invites you to kick back and leave behind your preconceptions of what a taco should be. The daytime menu does not apply. There are no order substitutions and no “salsa on the side, please.” In an omakase experience, you kick back, let the chef do his thing, and enjoy an experience that will be uniquely yours.

The meal is more than just a random selection of tacos. It’s an experience that challenges the perception of the tortilla as just a thin, flat, circular vehicle that Mexicans use to eat their food. It is an exhibition in the art of the taco as a canvas for flavors, colors, and imagination.

AFTER-PARTY: Fal Sal's (37 Washington Blvd) will be our gathering spot at the end of the walk, and Sal himself has promised a special for anyone who orders a sandwich. Kick back, celebrate with your fellow Walk-ers and end the day in delicious fashion!

Via Eater:
At its brightest, Los Angeles can feel extravagant. The lights of the Sunset Strip, the pulse of Hollywood Boulevard, the revelry of downtown: added together, the city is a lot, all the time.

In some ways, that makes Fat Sal’s a perfect fit. According to Sal Capek, the restaurant’s co-founder and namesake: “We work hard to come up with unique and exciting combinations and flavor profiles that result in mouthwatering, over-the-top culinary creations.”

What does “over-the-top” mean in the sandwich world? How about mozzarella sticks and onion rings as toppings, rather than sides, on the Fat Sal sandwich? Or the barbecue-themed Fat Texas, with a three-animal combination of pastrami brisket, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks? Even one of the menu’s salads contains fries.

See you next Saturday!

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