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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bus Info: Let Us Know Soon If You Want To Join In

Hey Walkers,

American Transportation Systems, which operates the bus that the Esotouric folk use, is up for providing a bus back to downtown for anyone stranded in Santa Monica after the walk.

The price: $300.

Of course, the more of you up for this option, the cheaper it will be. The catch: Enough of you have to choose this option *prior* to the walk, so that we can confirm the bus. So let me know ASAP if you're interested by emailing here BY MONDAY; I'll then let all of you know on Tuesday if it's a real possibility.

One other tidbit: Some of you have noted that the historic Coca-Cola Bottling Plant at Pico and Central is a bit out of the way, and also not close to a decent bus option.

No prob, here's the simple solution: Hit the portion of Pico downtown that is easiest for you. Then wait for the crowd of Great LA Walkers -- I imagine we'll be past downtown by 10 am, so you won't be waiting long. Just be sure you find me, Mike, when you join the line so we can add you to the list!

Any more questions, feel free to email!

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