The 16th edition of the Great Los Angeles Walk returns on Saturday, November 20! (Always the Saturday before Thanksgiving.) Details to come.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

The Great LA Walk Happens Tomorrow!

In case you haven't yet, check out the FAQ here.

Some additional info:

Unfortunately, I didn't hear from enough interested bus riders for it to make financial sense; ultimately, only about 10 or so of you could firmly say yes, but that would have made it $30 each -- and that was too steep for some of the 10. So I've had to scrap plans for a return bus... but I know several of you are researching MTA options; hopefully carpooling, friends, etc. can also help with return trips. Now, if I suddenly hear from 30 of you that you still are interested in a bus at $10/pop, I can still see Friday if I can rent one (no guarantees).

OK, now the fun stuff. You've probably seen the list of recommended Pico eateries from Jonathan Gold on the blog; obviously, we can't eat at 'em all... but we'll try to hit a few of them. (Or, hell, you're welcome to try 'em all! You're gonna be walking it all off anyway.)

Also, if you're interested in walking just half way, in joining us along the way, in dropping in and out as you explore Pico at your own pace, it's totally cool. This is a very loosely-organized walk, you can do as much or as little as you want.

Lunch: Because we can't judge how fast/slow the pack of walkers will be going, it's tough to tell where we'll be around noon. When we do break, walkers will choose where they want to eat on their own (we'll make sure to break close to several eating options). We'll break for 90 minutes, then pick up the walk where we left off.

Be sure to bring your cell phone, in case you lose the group. Or if you're joining late.

Finally, a word to the wise: We're gonna be out there a big portion of the day. Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and white T-shirts (not to mention tennis shoes) will keep you from regretting it later. Plus, if we're all in white shirts, it will more easily identify us.

Any more questions, feel free to email. We'll see you Saturday morning at 9!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Just noticed a feature on the Pico-hauser neighborhood in this month's Los Angeles Magazine. It mentions a few more eating/stop in options for your group.

Happy Trails