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Friday, November 20, 2009

The Great Los Angeles Walk 2009 is Tomorrow!

The Great Los Angeles Walk 2009 takes place tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.! For those of you walking, a reminder: You that you should make sure you have a transportation plan in place, so you're not stranded after walking all day!

The best option for those of you without anyone picking you up is to carpool... or to PARK IN THE MORNING in Venice, and take the bus all the way to USC/Shrine Auditorium BEFORE the walk. (That way, your car is waiting for you when it's all done.)

Also, a reminder: This isn't a race! We're going to take our time zig-zagging through West Adams to take in some of the best-loved historic homes in Los Angeles. We'll see the house from "Six Feet Under," the house from "Numb3rs," the home where Marvin Gaye died, Ray Charles' music studio, classic mansions and so much more. How fast or slow you walk is up to you -- but if you leave us all in the dust, you're gonna miss the fun of doing the Great LA Walk -- experiencing a part of the city you wouldn't usually see by foot.

It's always hard to time these things, but we'll probably hit the Atomic Cafe in Mid-City -- the official half-way mark of the walk -- at noon or so. Atomic can accomodate a lot of us, but there are other restaurants around the same area too -- we'll have the details tomorrow. The walk will start back up again around 1:30 from Atomic Cafe.

WEATHER: It's looking good for a walk! Weather Channel says to expect partly cloudy skies and a high of 66 degrees. You know how temps fluctuate here, especially at the coast -- so be prepared to be hot at mid-day and then chilly at the afterparty.

A quick reminder: This is a loosely organized event. We're all coming together to have fun and walk L.A. streets -- but this is not backed by any major organization. We're all responsible for ourselves -- so make sure you have money for meals (and drinks at the afterparty!), transporation set up and... sunscreen.

I'll be updating mile by mile, as well as when we stop and start, take breaks, etc. at

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We'll see you on Saturday!


Dan K said...

Hi -

I just posted a complete set of instructions for taking the morning bus from Venice Beach - including maps and timetables - as a PDF file. Download it here:

The password is glaw (lower-case)

- Dan

PS, I will be tweeting, too.

Eric C. said...

i wish i had stumbled on your great walk sooner, i definitely would've made it. next year, i'm in. please check out our meetup group popwiLA! - an acronym for plenty of people walk in LA!. One step at a time we are dispelling the famous lyrics by the pop rock band The Missing Persons that "Nobody walks in LA!" Plenty of people walk here and i hope you guys have a great turnout for a awesome walk. please pass on the word about popwiLA! -- pretty soon we are gonna introduce some cool looking popwiLA! t-shirts and we want em to be as popular as all the kobe shirts you see all over town.